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    Wednesday, December 20, 2017 at 06:30 PM
    Noyes Elementary School in Washington, DC

    ANC 5B December Meeting


    Opening and Call to Order
    Roll Call - Commissioner Ursula Higgins

    ANC Business Administration

    1. Approval of Agenda - Commissioner Ursula Higgins
    2. Approval of November 2017 Meeting Minutes - Commissioner John Feeley, Jr.
    3. Treasurer’s report - Commissioner Henri Makembe
    4. Correspondence -Commissioner Henri Makembe

    Metropolitan Police Dept. Public Safety Report - MPD 5th District
    Community Comments

    Information Updates and Discussions

    1. Mayor Office update  
    2. Council Member McDuffie Office Update - Justin Ingea
    3. Update from Department of Public Works -  Fred Greene III, FLGALLC Real Estate Group
    4. DC Zoning Commission Case 17-16 (806 Rhode Island Ave NE) - Nick Lyell
    5. Quiet Clean DC - Grif Johnson
    6. DC Fair Election Coalition - Nick Lyell

    ANC SMD Reports 

    1. SMD 5B01 - Commissioner Gayle Hall-Carley
    2. SMD 5B02 - Commissioner Ursla Higgins
    3. SMD 5B03 - Commissioner Henri Makembe
    4. SMD 5B04 - Commissioner Rayseen Woodland
    5. SMD 5B05 - Commissioner John Feeley, Jr. 

    Community Concerns - Commissioner Ursula Higgins

    Adjournment - Commissioner Ursula Higgins

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