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  • Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 06:30 PM · 8 rsvps
    HSC in Washington, DC

    2018 May ANC 5B Meeting


    May 23, 2017 6:30pm-8:30pm

    1731 Bunker Hill Road, NE

    A. Opening and Call to Order

    • Roll Call


    B. ANC Business Administration

    • Call to Order & Adoption Agenda
    • Treasurer’s report

    • Correspondence

    Comm. Higgins

    Comm. Makembe

    Comm.  Feeley

    C. Metropolitan Police Dept. Public Safety Report


    MPD 5th District

    • Community Comments

    D. Information Updates and Discussions

    • Mayor’s Office update

    • Save our Tips - Ballot Initiative 77

    • ReInvest DC

    • Prostate Presentation and Kit Giveaway

    • Resolutions/Votes

    • Certificate of Need for HSC

    • ReInvest DC Resolution


    E. ANC SMD Reports

    • SMD 5B01

    • SMD 5B02

    • SMD 5B03

    • SMD 5B04

    • SMD 5B05

    Comm. Hall Carley

    Comm. Higgins

    Comm. Makembe

    Comm. Woodland

    Comm. Feeley

    F. Community Concerns


    Comm. Higgins

    G. Adjournment


    Comm. Higgins