Ward 5 Short-term Family Housing Good Neighbor Agreement Feedback

Below is a Draft Good Neighbor agreement for the upcoming Ward 5 Short-term Family Housing. Please review it and leave any feedback in the form below.

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Various comments (see below)

1) Section III.D. obligates the CSP to identify a clear point of contact for the site. This language should be strengthened. I'd suggest "Identify a clear point of contact for the site, including an after hours telephone line for neighbors to call, and post that information via the internet, providing the information to the ANC, and post it outside of the shelter on a visible sign." 2) The smoking area that DGS is responsible for designating should not be near any resident homes nearby. Consider making the roof a designated smoking area. Current neighbors should not be exposed to 2nd hand smoke from the shelter residents. 3) The term "Unusual Incident Reports" is undefined but should be defined herein. The term is vague and could mean as little or as much as the reader would like it to mean without a greater degree of clarity. (See Section III.B). 4) The CSP's obligations re: responding to inquiries or concerns about the site needs to be stronger. Specifically, the CSP should be required to "acknowledge receipt," "provide a plan for remediation," and "provide weekly email updates" directly to the specific neighbor and ANC. The language as written does not specify to whom the CSP is obligated to update. Separately, the CSP's contract with DHS (i.e., not just this neighborhood agreement) must be reviewed annually with input from the ANC, residents, etc. If there is no annual review built into the contract, there are no "teeth" to truly enforce this neighborhood agreement.

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