Tennis Court Lights and Resurfacing

Our neighborhood does not have a single public facility with functional lights or quality safe courts. After eight years of repeated requests, we still await the work completion -- hopefully before another tennis season is completed. As a result, people queue and argue over the few functional courts in the community or travel to Maryland or other communities in search of quality tennis facilities. Further, many of the previous resurfacing jobs were poorly completed. For example, contractors installed children's courts in the wrong direction, failed to level courts before resurfacing them, and ruined practice walls. Last year, CM McDuffie secured $100,000 in the FY18 budget to address some of the problems. We understand that the City recently installed security cameras at Turkey Thicket. Both actions are helpful first step, but much more is needed to ensure safe, quality, public facilities in our community and parity with the rest of the City.

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